I have been using HCF for 5 months and I’ve lost over 15lbs. I haven’t been under 200lbs in three years, and this app has helped me get below that mark.  HCF keeps me accountable, because it’s always on my phone and all I have to do is tap on it to get a workout in. The only equipment I have at home is a kettlebell, medicine ball, and a set of bands with handles. No fancy equipment needed, and no egos telling me that I need to use more weight to get fit. I haven’t just lost weight. I’ve gained a large amount of core strength, which is important to my martial arts training and professional life. I’ve never had this much stability and balance from my core muscles before, even when I was in the best shape of my life. The flexibility of HCF is important to me because my work schedule is very fluid and changes day to day. If I miss a workout on the app I can easily move it to the next day and “catch up.” My personal trainer can even advise me on what workout to do next to better enhance my training for those missed days. I really like that most workouts are around 30 minutes . It fits easily into busy everyday life. I can always reach out to my personal trainer (Rafael) on HCF and ask for guidance or schedule an additional workout. All workouts are custom tailored to my needs. What I like most about HCF is it makes exercise a regular part of my life without any hassle. I don’t have to drive to class, or deal with group classes. I can just go into the app, get my workout done, and move on with my day. I notice I exercise more regularly with HCF and miss less workouts because it’s always there on my phone, leaving no excuses. Lastly there is no judgment. My trainer looks at my progress, assesses the information, and we move forward with the next plan. I also like that I can sync my FitBit.


- Matthew V.

Rafael and the Home Coach Fitness app have helped me solidify a workout routine that keeps me accountable and fits into my busy lifestyle. The videos make the exercises easy to follow and ensures I'm maintaining proper form. The personalized workouts are rewarding and fun, which keeps me coming back each day!


- Stephanie H.

After years of searching through workout videos online and trying to string together sets of exercises, the process became increasingly discouraging. Paired with the pandemic and closure of my gym, I soon found myself slacking in my daily workout routine. With Home Coach Fitness, Rafael designs daily workouts for me, keeping in mind my desired fitness goals and available time. After using Home Coach fitness for seven months, I can honestly say that nothing else I have tried (including previous private training sessions, online Popsugar Workouts, every trainer on YouTube that you can think of and group fitness) compares to the quality of these workouts. Before using Home Coach, I tried to localize my workout depending on where I needed improvement that day. For example, if I wanted to do an ab workout, I’d find a YouTube video titled “15 minute Intense Abs to Burn and Shred Fat.”These videos would show me a lot of repetitive exercises and leave me in pain, without results. After working with Rafael, I’ve learned that weight loss cannot be localized, and that the entire body needs to be considered to see changes. Rafael approaches training with an understanding of function and movement for long term results. In this process, I’ve surpassed my fitness goals and truly feel like I’m in the best shape of my life! I’d recommend this app to anyone looking for a quality, reliable option to stay fit and healthy at home.


-Hannah Y.

I wasn’t physically active prior to the pandemic and having a desk job, I had a very sedentary lifestyle. At the beginning of the pandemic, I decided to utilize the extra time I had from WFH and started to work out like many people. I relied on online videos and fitness apps that were one-size-fits-all and I kept injuring myself by having a poor form or pulling a muscle even after warming up, which then required me to take a break from my workout and it was a vicious cycle. I still saw some progress for a while but eventually, I hit a plateau and nothing seemed to help. 

Rafael has changed my whole workout experience. He listened very carefully to my fitness background and the issues that I was having. Then he pointed out that I need to take a step back and work on building my foundation. Rafael created my workout plan and customized it to what I needed and where I should start off. I appreciate his honest feedback and him taking the time to understand my struggles and what I looked for. 

It’s been a few months since I started working with Rafael and I cannot express enough how much I like it. Each workout plan is personalized with appropriate recovery and break periods. I like the flexibility of being able to work out at home when it’s convenient for me. The instructions are well detailed and include what to watch out for and helpful tips to maximize the benefits of the exercises. Because each week is different, I never get bored and I look forward to working out even when I’m tired or busy. My body feels more stabilized and balanced overall unlike before when my workouts were more focused on certain areas, which Rafael has taught me that weight loss isn’t localized. Rafael does a very good job not only at encouraging me but also challenging me just enough. I like the feeling of accomplishment when I complete my workout! 


-Mai N.



I used to go a gym 2-3x per week, but since my work schedule has become more demanding, it became harder for me to stay consistent. The Home Coach Fitness app has helped me in a few ways: First, I no longer have to factor in the time to drive to and from the gym. Second, the workouts sent to me through the app are way more efficient and organized, so I don't lose all the time wandering around the gym figuring out what I'm going to do on that day. Third, my results are better than they were when I was working out at the gym.

It's been really nice to have someone else to plan and organize my workout regimen. It's one less thing I have to think about. I just open the app and follow the program.


-Josh C.

The Home Coach Fitness app is the next best thing to in-person training sessions with Rafael. It has allowed me to continue building on the exercises I learned during our in-person sessions, but with the added flexibility of scheduling workouts on my own time. I especially appreciate the video demonstrations that help remind me how to do the exercises properly and effectively. 

I also recently underwent some surgeries, and Rafael has been great about tailoring my workouts to meet my current comfort level and recovery stage. The app has definitely helped me build back my strength and work toward full recovery!  



-Karen L.