Selecting equipment

Although we have training programs that can be done with bodyweight alone, most of our workouts are designed to be done with small simple pieces of equipment that are easily stored at home. Ideally, you should have a medicine ball, kettlebell, pair of dumbbells, resistance bands (with handles) and a swiss ball (sometimes referred to as an exercise ball or stability ball). Depending on your flooring, you may want to consider some type of folding or yoga mat. A foam roller is great for corrective mobility and warm-up/cool-down, but may not be necessary for everyone. If you need help determining what weight/resistance is appropriate for you, your trainer can give you recommendations after you complete your intake assessment forms.

In an effort to make your shopping easier, we have included some Amazon links below. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the availability of exercise equipment has become unpredictable. In addition to Amazon, you may want to check Walmart, Target and your local sporting good stores.